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Specializing in Commercialization of SaaS Technologies, Consumer Goods, & Health Tech Wearables.

A Virtual Commercializer for Founders to Scale Innovation

Welcome to Your Emerging Entrepreneurial Journey. The arduous search to develop, fund and launch your brand, then grow and exit your company for a reasonable ROI for all stakeholders is difficult for everyone. It’s particularly difficult for anyone without qualified, experienced support!

If You Are:


Still navigating R&D?

Feeling Very Overwhelmed?

Wanting StartUp Growth Coaching?

Seeking Entrepreneur Management?

Trying To Choose Market Channel Options?

Considering Your Best Test Market Pathways?

Needing Help With Launch & Investor Readiness?

Looking For Product Roll Out Navigational Support?

An Existing Brand Looking To Pivot & Navigate Growth Calculations?

We Can Help!

YP2M's Founder challenges you to execute on your vision by seeking objective advice and critical resources needed to navigate your pathway to commercialization and scaled growth!

Learn How to:

  • Develop, test & prove your product (execute a POC­ proof of concept).
  • ­­Be a socially responsible entrepreneur (be good for the world).
  • ­­Protect your ideas & Intellectual Property (stop pirating of your stuff). Enhance your biz model & revenue model (what you do/how it makes $). Assure industry and government compliance (stay out of trouble).
  • Negotiate Founders’ Partner and Investor Equity (the key to cashing out).
  • ­­Develop a blue print for commercialization.
  • Scale your product and manage fast growth.
  • Get out of your own way so your Team can Execute.
  • Set Up Founders & Early Share Holders ROI Exit Plans.
  • Create a governing board to satisfy stakeholders and investors.
We like to work with 'coachable and driven' Entrepreneurs committed to socially responsible innovation missions!

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