About YP2M

About YP2M

We strongly believe you must have actually launched successfully many times before you qualify to advise!

To assure client deliverables, our Core Expertise is collaboratively integrated within our stable of Technical Partners (i.e. designers, engineers, techies, scientist, medical experts, digital marketers, project managers, legal, financial, facility & production resources, etc.)

Tap Into Decades of Our Commercialization Expertise

  • Commercial Pathways & Perspectives, Business & Revenue Model Formation.
  • Prelaunch Landscape Parameter Assessment (i.e. HR, Outsourcing & Capital Needs).
  • Product Innovation Insight and Creation, IP Formation, and LifeCycle Management.
  • Organizational Structuring, Corporate, Capital Formation & Founders’ Team Development.
  • Supply Chain Production, Sales, Distribution Resourcing, Diligence and Integration.
  • Comprehensive Launch to Growth Founders CEO Coaching & Commercialization Services.

We enable Founders to focus on what they enjoy & do best: Innovation & Driving the Business!

  • Save time and cost to launch Introduction to experts & resources. Set founder & service provider roles.
  • Navigate proof of concept & market test Investor & launch readiness.
  • Market channel connectivity and faster revenues.
  • Customer acquisition/retention strategy.
  • Virtual department communications.
  • Continuous innovation strategy and product extension plans.
  • Operating, financial controls and maximize supply chain efficiency.
  • Speed profitability & growth.
  • Foundations for acquisition or licensing.